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I am humbled to be able to offer you a deeper focus on the underlying imbalances in your body by tuning in energetically and spiritually to those occurring at any given time.  Finding this imbalance and treating you with a holistic, plant based plan allows your body to relax and heal more quickly as your stress levels begin to dissipate, and your body ‘levels off.’ 

To aid in finding a holistic system of plant based ideologies that balance the body and place it on a holistic healing path, I am now able to offer the following services at ‘Intern Pricing:’

  • Natal Chart Readings

  • Astro-Herbalism Chart Readings

  • Intuitive Readings

I will encompass Western Herbalism, Medical Astrology, Ayurveda and Spagyric Alchemy with Intuitive Spirituality to bring a comprehensive and balanced approach to plant medicine; a plan that will balance and rejuvenate your body, clarify your mind, open your heart and support the development of your soul on your health journey.

I have mentored with and learned from several spiritual leaders who hold national and international credentials along with decades of experiential knowledge.   My learning journey began with a deep dive into astrology with Denver/Boulder based astrologer, Jim Trader which led to more and more classes with the following people:

*Denver Based Astrologer and Author, Mr. Jim Trader

​*Nationally known and Denver Based Psychic Medium, Ms. Deb Sheppard 

*Internationally known Psychic Astrology, Mr. Thomas Lescher, Kaypacha/New Paradigm Astrology

*Astro-Herbalist, Founder and Core Instructor Mr. Sajah Popham/The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

​My heart fills with gratitude for each of these mentors, as they continue to guide and teach me other realms outside and in addition to; the physical.  Learning how to receive them has been the most rewarding experience of my life; forever grateful to all who are helping me along this Life Path Journey; and even more grateful that I can share my new learning with you.

*In Love and Gratitude*

Internship Pricing through 11.30.2021
                  ** 30 Min Sessions/$35 **

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