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General Intuitive Reading

Reading intuitively the messages sent from your guides and other source energies that show will show us where your trauma blocks lie physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.





Evolutionary Astrological Reading

Using your birth/natal chart I will read the planetary alignments as they aspect current day planetary energies and alignments with how it all is affecting your life on earth.    



Holistic Healing Plan

Working closely together for a period of 111 days we will implement a Balance Plan using Intuitive, Astrological and AstroHerbalist readings to help you restore your physical, emotional and soul energies back to balance.




Let us help you B*gin your healing path.  Through intuitive insights, I can help you find your body's imbalances and provide ideas of natural remedies to help you heal using a holistic, plant-based approach that allows your body to relax and heal more quickly.  As your stress levels begin to dissipate, you will feel your body ‘leveling.’ 

To aid you in finding a holistic system of plant-based ideologies that balance the body and place it on a holistic healing path, I am now able to offer the following services:

  • Sound Bath Healing Sessions​​

    • Crystal Singing Bowls

    • Crystal Pyramids

  • Intuitive Readings from Source & Spirit Guides 

    • Oracle Cards 

    • Soul Realignment/Akashic Records  

    • Astro-Herbalism Chart 

    • Natal Chart 

By encompassing Western Herbalism (Plant Energies) with Astrology and Intuitive Spirituality aligned with your physical body, I bring a comprehensive and balanced approach to your healing; a plan that will balance and rejuvenate your body, clarify your mind, open your heart and support the development of your soul on your health journey.

I have mentored with and learned from several spiritual leaders who hold national and international credentials along with decades of experiential knowledge.   My learning journey began with a deep dive into astrology with Denver/Boulder based astrologer, Jim Trader which led to more and more classes with the following people:

*Denver Based Astrologer and Author, Mr. Jim Trader

​*Denver Based Psychic Medium, Ms. Deb Sheppard 

*Internationally known Psychic Astrology, Mr. Thomas Lescher, Kaypacha/New Paradigm Astrology

*Astro-Herbalist, Founder and Core Instructor Mr. Sajah Popham/The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

*Spiritual Teacher and Founder of Soul Realignment Ms. Andrea Hess/Soul Realignment

*Energy and Sound Healer Ms. Vicki Gould/Life Changing Energy

​My gratitude for each of these mentors is endless, as their influence continues to guide me into other energetic realms outside and in addition to; the physical.  Learning how to receive them has been the most rewarding experience of my life; forever grateful to all who are helping me along this Life Path Journey; and even more grateful that I can share my new learning with you.

*In Love and Gratitude*

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