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 Here's how we JusB*gan

"Teaching" and helping other humans is my soul purpose and has been the center of my Life for 60 years already!  Now, as I enter this 3rd trimester of life, retired from the profession of Education for a decade, I have found my purpose continues in teaching and helping humans, but it has become clearer with a 'new' and deeper calling.  This new calling began on October 2, 2016, after a serious motorbike accident left me with a shattered left tibia and tibial plateau.

This bone crusher would become a life changer, leaving me with physical ailments and chronic pain that brought my familiar, highly active lifestyle to a screeching halt.  I was an avid sports participant, a retired Educator/Administrator/Professor who knew nothing else of this Life on Earth but to stay physically active and work 24/7!  The thought of my current status; Bedridden for a minimum of 16 weeks with some serious time in rehab ahead, was incomprehensible - and staring me straight in the face.  Additionally, the Morphine/Dilaudid/Valium/Oxy/Anti-Anxiety cocktails left me feeling seriously "out of sorts.'  As I began to understand the prognosis of my condition, with my Surgeon's statement echoing in my head, "KRISTIN...ABSOLUTELY no weight bearing for at least 16 weeks, not even a toenail on the ground, or you'll be right back here having HumpyDumpty surgery again," my future became laced with uncertainties.

Lying immobile in bed, I couldn't help but wonder how this morphine mixture would effect my body over time, not to mention all that was going through my brain about how to keep my body and muscles engaged in some kind of movement; I soon realized all this uninterrupted BEDtime could have a new life purpose.  As these thoughts continued to dance some jigs in my brain, aided with the prescribed morphine/muscle relaxing cocktails: I really knew something had to change.

At the time, Colorado was leading the nation in the legalization of Marijuana and THC.  Of course I had heard of the beneficial medical properties of this plant as I had worked at a dispensary for a spell, helping friends update their book keeping system to align with the new laws in place.  However, before my in depth research began in 2016, I was never aware of the fact that there are several other cannabinoids produced by the plant that are Non-Psychoactive and hold serious human healing properties.  That product was CBD.  It was fairlty new to the scene and was being studied and touted as a heavy duty natural pain reliever.

My 'idle time' became filled with research followed by creations of varying products.  Mixing and testing them all out, first by myself then finding friends and family who were willing to give it go.  My number 1 'tester' and fan is my Mom; an 85 year old woman who grew up believing whole heartedly that Marijuana and THC is a "hard core drug;" very harmful to our human bodies; something that will surely lead to addiction with harder,  mind altering and addictive drugs.

Today - I know, it is the prescribed pharma cocktail that becomes the 'addictive problem" for most humans - NOT the Hemp or Marijuana plants.  I am grateful that my body is not prone to addiction and did not have any physical problems weening off the pharma meds, gradually adding in my CBD healing creations.

As the years wore on, I recovered fully from that accident, returning to my fiercely active lifestyle until moving into my brand new retirement home which was supposed to allow me to 'lock and leave' as Travel became my lifestyle.  My roof at that house would spring random leaks, with the builder claiming it was 'cosmetic' an issue that they would claim was not theirs to fix.

On September 19, 2019, after rapidly losing weight, followed by the complete loss of neurological functioning of the left side of my body, my naturopath doctor gave the diagnoses of mold spores, lodged in my left lung.  The mycotoxins in my body had caused a host of health concerns to include severe weight loss, neurological issues, inflammation of internal organs and connective tissue problems; all of which left me in chronic pain that was unidentifiable to me and left me unable to move and unable to find any appropriate medical treatments for this underlying condition.  

As the days and weeks went by, the mycotoxins were able to progress.  All of my internal organs became inflamed, reaching my brain and landing me 'stroking' in the ER by December 2 of that same year.  Lying in that hospital bed, with the young doctor saying I would  not be going home, I would be needing help for the rest of my life IF they would even be able to stop what was happening in my brain I new my life was ending. 

All I could do now was make those calls, to my mother and my son, to inform them my life here on earth was ending.  I remember thinking "WOW, JusWOW - so this is how the end goes?  Dang, I'm not sure I was finished living but I guess it is so!  Now - how do I call my son and mom and tell them this?  I am only 57, and.... I am dying - I might be dead soon and I need....hmmm what is that I need?  Nothing really...and Gee, I don't know - this is NEW - dying, leaving planet earth.....

To say that I lived to tell - is truth.  I'm still alive to share my story with others today.  I have been given a new lease on life with a very clear focus.  My purpose - To teach and help other humans - is still the same.  I am here to share with you, all that Great Spirit taught me on this new journey.  I have learned how to heal my body, naturally and without pharma drugs of which I currently take none.  The earth provides plants that align and connect  naturally with our human bodies.  One of those plants is the Hemp/Marijuana Plant; holding superior medicinal qualities that can heal our bodies.

In March of 2021 I was given a firm diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) from toxic exposure to mold; a lifetime syndrome that may fall into periods of remission and flares.  In order to maintain a balance in my body, I use my products daily.  I also continue to treat the flares as they ebb and flow.

The medical properties of this plant are astounding as more and more medical studies are implemented to prove the healing properties our body naturally finds with this plant.  I used CBD and CBG to treat my personal conditions along with a myriad of conditions my clients seek relief and balance with.  

My intuitive abilities combined with my research of Cannibis, Cannabidoils, Medical Marijuana and Healing oils lend to a clear focus on individual human Healing.


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