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JusB* uses CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBG (Cannabigerol) compounds, in isolate form. to create our healing oils and products.  While each are compounds derived of the Cannabis plant, they are differentiated in the manner which each effects the body and the location of the plant where each cannibinoid is found.  Carefully infusing each isolate separately and/or individually into MCT Coconut Oil insures optimal and precise levels of potency in each product.  This enables us to be clearly focused on serving each of our client's targeted needs.


In creating our oils in-house, we know in certainty, that all heat-points were maintained during infusion; keeping our products true to potency levels so that our clients find relief quickly.


Just B*ginning

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JusB* was born in 2016 after a motorbike accident left me with a shattered leg and a long-term recovery.  Needing relief from the prescribed morphine cocktails and chronic pain, I began experimenting and researching the health benefits of the marijuana plant.  At the time, Colorado was leading the nation, legalizing this plant for medical and recreational use. There was a wealth of information at my fingertips and I found myself with more idle time than what I was used to so the connection was made and off I went into my this world of CBD.


Through extensive research, months of testing a variety of products from a Colorado dispensary, and knowing for certain how well this worked for my pain, I decided to venture beyond the dispensary world and delve deeper into the true healing powers of this mysterious plant.  I was seeking to create a salve to my aromatic liking along with a personal quest to keep costs reasonable for long-term use.  Most important in this quest was to create a product with no THC or mind-altering plant products.


Five years after that life-altering crash, I am proud to bring you JusB* Cannabinoid isolate products.  We currently stock oils of CBD, CBG, or any combinations of the two.  Our priority is helping you to find the optimal dose for your body's optimal relief.


Connect with me and together we will find the products your body needs.

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