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JusB* offers a multi-faceted approach to help you heal your body.  We use CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBG (Cannabigerol) isolates to create organic healing oils and products in tandem with intuitive readings.

While each cannabinoid, CBD & CBG, is derived from the same Cannabis plant, they differ in potency and effectiveness.  By carefully infusing each isolate type into organic oils, we can insure optimal and precise levels of potency in our product enabling clear and individualized client dosing that focuses on individual health profiles.

Reading your medical guides, natal chart with herbal astrology applied, we are able to uncover and help lesson the symptoms of many underlying  health problems.

Schedule your consult soon, you will feel amazing: our promise to you.

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JusB*en Refining

JusB* has been creating and refining our natural healing oils and products since 2016 after a motorbike accident left me seeking relief of chronic pain with less  narcotics.  From that initial 'B*ginning,' 5 years ago until today, the industry has exploded with profound studies and claims for relief from varying ailments.  Through these years of exciting new research, with clear evidence of how CBD interacts with our bodies, my clientele base grew along with my ever changing health needs.  With that growth, I could feel the varying need of each individual body, some needing more anti-inflammatory components while others may need more anti-bacterial components along with some bodies needing less/more than others.  I work with each of  my long term clients to find their optimal dosing of ingredients in their personal Cannabinoid products.  My intuition combined with years of research aid us in helping you achieve your personal healing goals.  This method provides my clients with immediate physical relief; usually within a 30 minute time frame with clear results within 24 -36 hours.  This allows each body to relax from its core and begin the healing within each tri=-section of the whole human realm; the physical, the emotional and the spiritual realms of being.  

Connect with me, I can help you feel better and begin your personal healing journey

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